Value Education: A Progressive Step Towards Holistic Learning

Education is an integral part of an individual’s life that helps them grow and excel at the things they are passionate about and in their career. However, as a parent, it is your duty to ensure your child learns the skills to face the real world while growing in it and with it with continual learning. While it’s necessary to be worried about them preparing for their future and choosing a suitable career, it’s just as vital that they excel holistically to become good and reliable humans in any society. 

Numerous questions may come to your mind when considering value education and the holistic learning experience. Read about them in this blog to get a better understanding of the concepts. 

The Importance of Value Education for Holistic Development of Children

This blog will shed light on what value-based education is and how it helps with the holistic development of a growing child.

What is value education?

These days information-oriented and knowledge-based education is given priority by parents but this only takes care of your child’s intellectual development. It doesn’t help improve their personalities or their spiritual, social or emotional selves which, in turn, hampers the growth and development of values, habits, interests, attitudes and skills.

In a nutshell, value education is a means of learning and teaching ideals. It aims to educate children about universal values such as honesty, patience, sensitivity, neatness, punctuality, secularism, tolerance and non-violence among numerous others. Its purpose is to help little ones develop their personality and be prepared to face real-world problems which only education cannot prepare them for. Children should ideally develop in various aspects to serve the nation responsibly, cohesively and socially.

What is its importance in life?

No doubt, education is an integral part of a child’s life as it can help them create a better future and become successful. Educated individuals can thrive in a competitive environment a lot better than an uneducated person can. However, with value education, students can:

  • Establish character and personality in various possible aspects
  • Instil good moral values
  • Inculcate good manners and responsibility
  • Develop tolerance and encourage kindness
  • Promote positive thinking and a democratic way of living

How does it ensure the holistic development of children?

Value education focuses on the importance of children growing up to become good citizens. It can help your child look past this fast-paced world and understand the importance of becoming a good human which is more important than running after materialistic fulfilment and happiness. It will enhance their ability to think rationally and add good value to the nation. 

Why is holistic development necessary for children?

Along with a student’s overall academic performance, most organizations and companies also look into their holistic learning experience before recruiting them for a job. This makes the holistic development of children vital, whether they are in school or college. Nowadays, parents don’t have to watch their child every minute of every day. With the rapidly evolving educational methods and technological advancements, parents can engage children and involve them in different facets of learning. This is one of the main reasons why the holistic learning experience is gaining a lot more importance in the current times. 

Clearly, value education is necessary for the holistic development of every child as it helps them become well-balanced individuals that display a strong personal character. It enables them to achieve individual goals through personalized learning and also develop leadership skills that contribute towards the upliftment of the community they are a part of. This is what should be the essence of education which creates progressive thinkers that commit to social responsibility instead of personal worldly ones.